Get Your Purpose!

Remember, God’s original purpose with man was not to send them to heaven or hell when they die. His original goal was to empower them to spread the dominion of the Garden (the Kingdom of God on earth) so that eventually, through their offspring, the entire world would be like heaven on earth. Indeed, Heaven was on earth and God was there with them and they were laboring with Him (Genesis 1:26-28). Leave off the thinking that you are nobody important. You have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this and God has anointed you for this very hour in history. Without you we cannot change the world!

Thy Kingdom Come

The modern religious obsession with going to heaven at death is so far removed from the obsession of Christ when He came into the earth.

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder… Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end…” Isaiah 9:6,7

“From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Matthew 4:17

Jesus didn’t come to secure a place for us off in heaven when we die; He came to secure a place for heaven here on earth while we live!

“… behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21

Just as Adam was to expand the borders of the Garden, you are to expand the borders of the Garden (Kingdom) within you! Stop focusing on dying so you can live and start living so that no one dies! Ours is an eternal Kingdom and it is here!

2015- The Year of Manifestation

What you stood for last year and the years before is coming into your hands in this year. Do not be dismayed if others do not see it and do not despair if it is not in the abundance you had hoped for. Let the small beginnings be the foundation for the great increase later on. I am your God and I have called you. It has always been my heart to give you what you have asked for. For, I am the one who planted the desire within you long ago; before you were born I planted my dreams in you and called you to myself so that I might provoke you to ask me for that which is beyond reason- impossible things! I have planted it in you, provoked you to ask and I have been building what you have requested since that day. Do not doubt me! I am faithful! In this year, look for my creative acts in and around you to bring it into your hand! It will not be like you thought,but much better. What you have conceived I will bring forth and you will glorify me. Begin now to proclaim it- 2015 is the year of manifestation!


Why are we so prone to let the limitations others set for us define the heights to which we might soar? Who gave anybody the right to limit anything in your life or mine? Religious leaders are especially prone to do this to those under them, but who gave them the right? They feel that somehow they have the special calling from God to continually limit our potential and remind us what we can’t do.

They are, however, quite deceived. No man has been commissioned to put you under and limit how far you can go. No one! Stop allowing the words of others to limit you. In Christ, you are unlimited!


I am determined to see my destiny become a reality. I have become fully wearied with the life of failure and weakness I lived thus far. Therefore, today, I will make progress and in time, I will overcome the limitations that have been placed upon me by my faulty thinking! I will live in victory and those who come from me will turn the world upside down!


Let me tell you what I am not-

I am not:
a fundamentalist
a charismatic
a futurist
a preterist
a calvanist
a dispensationalist

Let me tell you why I am not these things-

Because the moment you let somebody put a label on you, then you are bound, in their minds, by rules and regulations and the associations of everybody else who has done it wrong in that category. Furthermore, you cease to be a seeker of truth, in their minds, because now you have found a classification of doctrine that binds you.

Let me tell you what I am-

A seeker, who has received a Kingdom that cannot be moved, on a journey into the heart of the city of the great King! I am open and free to learn, grow, ask questions and challenge every thought, doctrine and opinion! I am free to disagree or agree and I am free to be me. I am not standing where I was 5 years ago (thank God) but in five years, I intend to be standing far from where I am now. If you don’t agree with my position then you have a problem- not me. If you think I am wrong then question me and enter into intellectual discourse with me ( very few have- and nobody who claims to be my friend from before has). If you think I am right then keep walking on the pathway of life because I will certainly change and you may, or may not, like the new stance I take. This is what I am!

Here to Stay

“This world is not my home, I’m just a passing through, my home is over there, somewhere beyond the blue…”

Not me! I hear people say that as they draw closer to the Lord, they have less and less desire for this world and to be here. How sad!

The closer I draw to the Lord, the more I long to be here; to spend a long and productive life on the earth. The closer I draw to the Lord, the more aware I become that within me there lies the power to truly make this place Paradise! Within me is the Garden and that place is the place I am going to make in the earth. Years of deprogramming religious propaganda, under the direct teaching of the Holy Spirit, have brought me to this conclusion- I love this world (not the corrupt satanic system, but the world itself and all the people in it)! I will spend a long and prosperous life on this globe and when I die I will continue here. Heaven has come! I am here to stay!

Religion’s Cast

What madness and folly this beast hath wrought,

With sickening subtlety and grotesque light,

To lure the hapless wounded fool into drought,

Promising gentility but overcoming with might.

 Deep in its bowels the remains linger still,

Of innocent’s souls rotting in hell,

And the stench of their minds overcome by its will,

And the remnants of time lost, chiming the bell.

Lurking within the dark places of man,

A desire to compel and control and devour,

No escape for the blind but run blindly he can,

‘Til the beast awaken to its last hideous hour.

A champion arises from the shadows of Light,

With healing and victory and Life bringing life,

To those who are captured by beast and its might,

To deliver poor captives and end of their strife.

The beast foul and wretched with sickening stench,

Religion’s foul odor revealed as pure evil at last,

While the champion arises with death’s final blow,

‘Tis the Church and her victory over the beast and its cast!